Commercial Services

     When chosing commercial cleaning services for your office or business, we understand that your first priority will always be finding a consistently reliable service. Your business is important and a clean working environment reflects well on you.


     Larger corporations perform their cleaning services on a daily basis. Daily responsibilities include trash removal, bathroom sanitization, horizontal dusting, floor care, break room and appliance cleaning, spot cleaning for fingerprints and other general cleaning duties. Depending on the contract between the company and cleaning vendor, other responsibilities may include restocking of bathroom supplies, patrolling the grounds of the commercial establishment to pick up trash and making sure the entranceway to the establishment is clean and presentable. 



     Most small to midsize businesses will rely on a weekly cleaning service. This type of service will include most of the services in a daily service but will also include extra services such as high and low dusting, base board cleaning, cleaning window sills, dusting blinds, polishing desks and other housekeeping duties as needed. Not all of these services are performed each week, such as dusting overhead fans or the base of chairs. The cleaners will usually rotate certain functions like high dusting one week, low dusting the next week, detailed vacuming in hard to reach place another week and baseboard cleaning the following week. Using the Proper rotation ensures all functions get done at least once a month and keep the establishment looking clean and presentable.

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