Restaurant Cleaning 


Clean the entry of the restaurant, sweep and mop the floor
Clean the door mats
Clean the door, door knob and door track and wipe off any stains and spots on the glass surface.
Dust and clean the booths, tables and chairs
Spot clean any stains and pick up any debris
Clean the counters and wipe off any stains and spots
Clean the counter walls
Clean the host/ cashier section, keep it neat and organized
Clean the trash bins, replace liners
Wipe and clean the outside of the refrigerated displays and keep them organized
Vacuum the carpets and lift off the debris and dust
Wipe and clean the door and door knobs
Dust and clean all the lights, light switches, fixtures and décor
Dust and clean all shelves
Clean the menu cards, wipe any spills and stains


Clean the each and every frequently used kitchen equipment after single use (blender, juicer, meat slicer, kettle, toaster, holding oven, waffle, grill etc.)
Clean the microwave oven and the freezer at the end of the day
Clear the sink and clean it of any debris
Clean and sanitize the sink after the day
Clean the refrigeration unit, meat drawer, ice machine, steam table, cutting boards and every working space daily after a shift
Clean the dishwasher and the dish area
Clear the working space after the day
Wipe and clean the walls
Empty garbage cans sanitize and replace liners
Mop and clean the floor
Clean and sanitize the employee restrooms
Empty the trash bin, ashtrays and replace liners
Clean the light and light switches
Clean the door and door knobs


Clean and clear the entrance from any clutter
Dust any planters
Wipe and clean the door, door knob and the glass surface
Dust the blinds
Air and dust the door mats
Wipe and clean the tables and chairs
Wipe and clean the counter tops, counter walls
Vacuum clean the carpet to pick up any debris, crusts and crumbs
Spot clean the carpet for any spills
Dust the glass stand and keep the glasses in line
Wipe and clean the cappuccino machine, coffee machine and pop fountain
Dust and wipe the liquor cabinet before arranging the bottles
Wipe and clean any signs and banners
Clean the lights, switches, fixtures and décor
Mop and clean floor and entrance


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